Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Post offices offer Simplified procedure and Ordinary procedure for customs clearance

When we pay taxes on imported parcels at our place this is called the "simplified procedure". There is a second procedure called "ordinary procedure". In most EU countries when the value of the parcel is or seems to be above 150 eur, or when the plant importer has to register as a professional ( because of frequent imports of plants to the same address, or large parcel, or high value ), then the procedure
is called ordinary : with this " ordinary procedure " importers have to pay taxes at a customs center of the post ( it may be far ) either directly or by hiring an agent, indeed during an ordinary procedure the postal agents are not allowed to open the parcels and take the customs documents directly ( invoice and phytosanitary certificate ) : the importer or customs agent ( broker ) must do it and handover the documents to the post.
Most " small parcel air " ( parcels up to 2000 gr ) are delivered by the simplified procedure , but EMS parcels that seem to be of 150 eur value are instead more likely to be delivered through the ordinary procedure. Dividing an import in several parcels is a good solution. At DOA or unclaimed plants that are bought retail are resent at 50% of the price ( - which is not equivalent to a refund of half the value - ) with full price of transport on the buyer. However requiring full refund through a Paypal claim has never worked in favor of our buyers even if customs documents are said to be missing. During an ordinary procedure the post officers are not entitled to open the parcels or take the documents in the plastic envelope stuck on the parcel. Only the importer or an agent sent by the importer have the right to take the documents. Hence in the absence of importer or agent at the customs center , the postal agents will report : " missing document ".

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