Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Canada, rooted plants, import permit missing, 34 day trip, 80% survival ?

It was a 34-days shipping starting on 21 Feb. by EMS for these Hoya plants, from Thailand to Canada returned on first April. The Canadian customs put a notice saying that the import permit was missing. Some plants were rooted : " MISSING IMPORT PERMIT AS REQUIRED FOR ROOTED PLANTS "

 The notice ( it is also sent to the importer ) mentions the declaration that must appear on the phytosanitary certificate in case of other imports.

The exporters greatly appreciate that the plant protection services inform importer and exporter in such practical ways.

Parcels should always be returned with a note giving the reason so that no doubt persists regarding obligations that were not matched on the buyer's side. ( registration prior import, collect at customs centre .. )

By the same token we could make a new test of longevity in stressing conditions : after these 34 days we could probably regrow 80 % of the content. However in an other parcel returned from Spain - no registration by the importer - a few days earlier 100 % of the plants were lost after a 1 month trip.

In some countries the customs may tolerate one ot two low value imports of plants without an import permit by small parcel air instead of EMS, but if you are unsure do not hesitate to make the permit or the registration online, this is usually quick and cheap.

Below : packed in the same bag Hoya thomsonii resisted damage in the 34-days-shipping but H. sigillatis dried out. Here is a list of Hoya that need faster shipping times or should be bought well developed and rooted, in large sizes.

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